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    About Steven Bragg

    Steven Bragg, CPA, is one of the most prolific accounting authors in the world. He is the author of more than 100 business books and courses, including the best sellers Cost Accounting Fundamentals, The CFO Guidebook, Closing the Books, Payroll Management, and The GAAP Guidebook. Various books have been translated into Arabic, Azerbaijani, Indonesian, Korean, Mongolian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Steve has also been interviewed by Business Week, CFO magazine, Fox News, and Inc. He has been the CFO or controller of both public and private companies, and has been a consulting manager with Ernst & Young and an auditor with Deloitte & Touche. He holds an MBA from Babson College, a Master of Finance degree from Bentley College, and a BA from the University of Maine. He also manages  the Accounting Best Practices podcast.


    Away from work, Steve has been a two-time president of the Colorado Mountain Club and has climbed five of the seven continental high points, the 100 highest peaks in Colorado, the 100 highest peaks in New England, and all 50 of the state high points of the United States. He has also solo mountain biked the 483-mile Colorado Trail - both ways. He is an expert alpine skier (shown at left backcountry skiing in 2016), trail running author of Run the Rockies and a PADI-certified Master Diver (various photo, video, and written adventure documentaries are listed below). He is married and has two daughters. Neither daughter shows any inclination to enter the accounting field.

     Adventure Documentaries Photo Documentaries
     Climbing Denali
    Bahamas Dive Photos Mexican Volcanoes Climbing Photos
     Climbing Mt. Aconcagua
    Barbados Dive Photos Mt. Aconcagua Climbing Photos
     Climbing Mt. Blanc
    Belize Dive Photos Mt. Huascaran Climbing Photos
     Climbing Mt. Elbrus
    Bonaire Dive Photos Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing Photos
     Climbing Mt. Foraker
    Bryce to Zion Biking Photos Mt. McKinley Climbing Photos
     Climbing Mt. Fuji
    Cozumel Dive Photos New Zealand Photos
     Climbing Mt. Huascaran
    Curacao Dive Photos Palau and Yap Dive Photos
     Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
    Fiji Dive Photos Palau Dive Photos
     Climbing Mt. Kosciusko
    Gannett Peak Photos  Patagonia Photos
     Climbing Mt. Rainier
    Grand Canyon North Rim Biking Photos      Philippines Dive Photos
     Climbing Mt. Shasta
    Grand Cayman Aggressor Photos Saba & St. Kitts Dive Photos
     Climbing the Mexican Volcanoes
    Grand Cayman Aggressor 2 Photos Slovenia Hiking Photos
     Grand Teton Rescue Grand Cayman Dive Photos St. Lucia Dive Photos
     Iceland Trip Grand Teton Photos Thailand Dive Photos
     Patagonia 2012 Trip Great Barrier Reef Dive Photos Torres del Paine (Patagonia) Photos
     Patagonia 2014 Trip Heli-Hiking Photos (Purcell Range) Tour du Mont Blanc
     Travels in New Zealand Honduras Dive Photos Turks & Caicos Dive Photos
     Travels in Slovenia Iceland Photos Vermont Covered Bridges
     Travels in Turkey Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail White Rim Trail Biking Photos
     Tour du Mont Blanc
    Yellowstone Photos
     Yap-Palau Trip


     Video Documentaries      
     Bahamas Diving Iceland Trekking           Philippines Diving Telluride Heli-Skiing
     Bonaire Diving             Milford Track        Saba and St. Kitts Diving   Thailand Diving
     Caymans Diving        Patagonia Trekking Slovenia Caving Yap and Palau Diving
    St. Lucia Diving

    On the summit of his 50th state high point, Gannett Peak (Wyoming), on July 4, 2009