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    The Financial Analysis Library Value Pack

    The financial analyst must be able to interpret the financial results of a business, as well as to understand the constrictions within an organization that limit its performance. It is impossible to find this much information in one book, but now you can obtain it in FOUR books for a special reduced price. The four classic financial analysis books noted below are now available as a PDF download for 30% off their individual prices. They contain almost 1,000 pages of material for the analyst.

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    The Financial Analysis Library Book Descriptions

    Financial Analysis (Retail price: $19.95)
    This book describes  a number of analyses that can be used to improve business decisions, such as price optimization, constraint management, and credit granting. Another area addressed is financing, where the book covers financial leverage, capital structure, foreign exchange risk, and more. Other topics include financial forecasting, discounted cash flow analysis, and the valuation of acquisitions.
    [325 pages]

    Business Ratios Guidebook (Retail price: $19.95)
    This book is full of ratios and other measurements that can assist in interpreting and controlling financial results. General topics include measurements for performance, liquidity, cash flow, return on investment, and share performance. More specific functional analysis topics include measurements for such areas as cash management, credit and collections, fixed assets, inventory, and product design. 
    [275 pages]

    The Interpretation of Financial Statements (Retail price: $15.95)
    This book providers the reader with a grounding in the contents of the financial statements by examining their structure and contents. The book also presents several tools that can be used to extract information from the statements. In addition, there are a number of insights into the financial statements can be used to estimate what operational and financial changes might be going on within a business. In short, this book is designed to maximize the reader's understanding of the financial statements. 
    [194 pages]

    Constraint Management (Retail price: $16.95)
    This book describes the impact of constraints on an organization, and how constraints can be managed to optimize profitability. The text includes discussions of where the constraint may be located, how constraint analysis compares to traditional cost accounting, and how to design measurement, reporting, and control systems around a constraint. There is also extensive treatment of financial modeling around constraints, as well as how to develop constraint-based strategies. 
    [186 pages]