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    Management & Operations Books by Steven Bragg

    [Available in softcover, PDF, Kindle, and ePUB versions]

    Constraint Management - Describes the impact of constraints on an organization, and how constraints can be managed to optimize profitability. Includes discussions of the constraint location, and the use of measurement, reporting, and control systems that are built around a constraint.

    Human Resources Guidebook - Describes how to plan for the appropriate staffing and skill levels in a business, as well as how to design jobs and tailor recruiting campaigns to attract the correct types of candidates. There is extensive coverage of employee development, including career development, training programs, and succession planning.

    Inventory Management - Provides the tools needed to employ enough inventory to assure high levels of customer service while avoiding excessive inventory levels that can create losses. Topics include inventory policies, materials planning, purchasing and the supply chain, receiving, storage, shipping, production activities, record accuracy, and warehousing efficiencies.

    The MBA Guidebook - Describes the essentials of the core topics covered in a top-tier MBA program. The intent is to give the user a broad understanding of the key concepts needed to run a business – in one comprehensive volume. Topics covered include sales and marketing, operations management, product development, risk management, business valuation, capital structure analysis, and the interpretation of financial statements.

    Project Management - Explores how projects are initiated, evaluated, and selected. The book also addresses all phases of project planning, the use of CPM and PERT to schedule tasks, and how to make trade-offs between the various project constraints. It also covers change management, project estimating, risk management, reporting, and project management at the enterprise level.

    Purchasing Guidebook - Reveals how the purchasing department’s performance can be fine-tuned, focusing on supplier selection and management, the competitive bidding process, negotiations, and contract management. Also addresses how purchasing can be used to control costs in the areas of inventory management, logistics, and quality, while also providing the financial tools to improve a number of purchasing decisions.